Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Nothing But Tigers - Page 4

I've been raving about my Nothing But Tigers Frankenset lately, but have yet to blog about any page completions since March!

There have been many pages completed since then, but haven't found the time to muster up a post.

For all you readers out there, the wait, is over.

This may be the fourth page that I completed, but it is page 1 in the binder

1 - Kirk Gibson - 1986 Donruss Diamond King: What a way to start this binder off with a slick DK Gibby, all the fire for some great Tigers teams.  Loved him as a player and glad he's managing in Arizona.  He was a brutal commentator in the early 2000s, but then again not many people were watching!

2 - Miguel Cabrera - 2011 Topps Heritage League Leaders: The best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be....three straight batting titles? Another triple crown? Only two other Triple Crown winners led only one category following the tripe feat!  He's good, real good.  I have tried to avoid these multi player cards, but it's Cabby.

3 - Cecil Fielder - 1991 Donruss Diamond King Fielder could have easily slid in at No. 2 as well, the bulk of my 1990s cards have Fielder all over them, ranks fourth in my player collection, close to 200 overall cards.  Another slick DK.

4 - Alan Trammell - 1988 Donruss Diamond King Ok, this guy, was great!  Featured in another DK in 1982, which you will most likely see later.  I am completly biased, but I cannot wait for Trammell to make it to the Hall (only two years left)

5 - Jack Morris - 1982 Donruss Diamond King Another guy that was great, winning 3 World Series as the Ace with Detroit, Minnesota, and Toronto, won the most games of his era, what more does this guy need to do to make it to the Hall (last year on the ballot)?

6 - Miguel Cabrera - 2011 Bowman Platinum A little change in pace, but Cabby makes another appearance, did you see the stretch where he hit 6 Home Runs in 5 games?  Off a guy named Mariano Rivera?

7 - Scott Aldred - 1991 Upper Deck The next big thing, ala Jeff Robinson, Greg Gohr, CJ Nitkowski, Justin Thompson, Cade Gaspar, Jeff Weaver, Matt Anderson,  and on and on.  Too bad there was not much talent fielding or hitting around Aldred and company.

8 - Mark Fidrych - 1981 Donruss The Bird!  My mother in law signed her kids out of school and the note to the school was they were out "Bird Watching" for the day.  I need to read the biography on the Bird, a tragic end professionally and personally.

And your classic #9 Hitter

9 - Danny Worth - 2010 Topps Update: Jim Leyland said of Worth that if he could hit he would play (he spent all of 2013 with Toledo)

Keep it Hot on the Corner, pat.


  1. That's a lot of great Tigers! (plus Aldred and Worth)

  2. Have you read the book, "Go Bird. Go"? It chronicles his rookie year and has the box scores of each of his games. A good read.