Friday, August 30, 2013

Traits of the Collector

We're celebrating an anniversary of sorts here at the Hot Corner.  About a year ago I stumbled back upon my card collection that had been untouched since at least 2000, and not seriously thought about since 1994. What has transpired over that time frame has been truly enjoyable.

Recently, I picked up a copy of the regular Beckett Monthly dedicated to the Super Collector.  This edition has sparked some post ideas and even a potential Hot Corner contest for the month of September.

I wrote one of my earlier poss regarding "Collecting Guidelines" to outline for myself how I would approach my new hobby and have found that the parameters of those were quite true in terms of enjoyment and reaching a point of being overwhelmed.

An article in the Beckett included  "10 Tricks of the Trade: Try these things when focusing your collection", (in Bold-Italics are the topics ; in regular text I reflect on my year back in the hobby.)

1. Focus!

I knew going in that burnout could become inevitable should I chase every set, card, subset, parallel, 1/1, you know I could go on, and on.  So I chased the Tigers, new and old, and has been a glorious chase!

2. Network

The blog - o - sphere has been awesome!  It started by reaching out to $30 Habit and 2x3 Heroes and progressively sending out multiple PWEs, mailers, bubblers, and all kinds of benefit of cards, but just as valuable, people who care deeply about the hobby.  Also, developing a good relationship with a few LCS owners. Group breaks from O No!, and contests from Jaybarker, set building w/ Swing & A Popup insight and experise from Night Owl, and the pure joy of collecting from Dime Box, Backstop, and Clubhouse, finding new trades with Nachos Grande and Nomo Sushi, genorosity from Wrigley Wax & Red Sox in Nebraska, and countless trades with all kinds of people. These relationships have brought greater value to the hobby.

3. Get Organized
This has actually been an area that I thought could be another downfall, I am guessing my allowance these days is a bit greater than when I was 14 and can properly store my cards with toploaders and shoeboxes.  I have even broadened to binders and pages.

4. Document & Display

The blog has been thriving in my opinion with all kinds of Tigers on the Wall.

5. Go Hunting

This may have caused the most crunch on the budget  ---- searching on eBay, splurging at LCS' near and far, but loving finding the local shows and searching for great stuff.

6. Work the Rooms

This talks about chat rooms and message boards, not there yet.

7. Expand your focus

Another fun thing has been the emergence of game used, autos, relics, mini's, oddball, and other items related to the Tigers.  I had no idea what a Frankenset was, but now I have one.  Be it a autographed baseball from It's Like Having My Own Cardshop, a framed painting of the All-Time Greatest Tigers, these items keep it fresh.

8. Be Diligent

Find a routine and stick to it.  Know your limits.  This will be a "to work on" in terms of spending, but almost 8,000 Tigers later, I would say I've been persistent.

9. Be Polite & Patient

This talks about not making enemies?  Umm, Ok, next.

10. Start Over

Beckett reccommends to "Look for new players or ways of collecting within your interests" ultimatly stating that if you're just now starting to collect all the Derek Jeter cards you may be late to the party. Miguel Cabrera, Prince Fielder, Victor Martinez, Torii Hunter, Verlander, Scherzer and company sure have distracted me from catching every Trammell card, oh well!  But with additions to the team like Iglesias it makes for new avenues to continue collecting.

Thank you Chris Olds for the outline to recap my year back in the hobby.

From the Hot Corner, thank you for reading,

Keep it Hot on the Corner, pat.


  1. I think you got a typo in there somewhere. Which number is "send your Mantle rookie cards to Jeff"? I could have sworn that was on the page.

  2. thought I emailed you (or maybe just left a comment)..cant remember. oh well. So I will introduce once again ) I am a fellow Tigers fan and collector in your area (west Lansing). maybe we can do some trading. Email me here for we can discuss collections,etc.. Derek