Saturday, August 31, 2013

7,492 Tigers on the Wall

Over the summer this 1910 Standard Caramel wandered into my possession, mine is much more "well loved", clearly my oldest card to date!  This may be a small area of focus, gobbling up some tobacco.

The spectacular spend boosted me well over my yearly goal to reach 6,000 Tigers cards.

1995 Upper Deck  - Special Edition

It came right at the perfect time with school starting again so that I can sort my way through all the new stuff.

Trammell of the Month: Exactly 250 Trammell's to date, here are a couple that were added, mostly twilight editions
1997 Score - Alan playing first?
1994 Score
Team Sets: An area in need of serious updating.  At last count, sitting around 153 team which I think is  a soft number, here is the most recent completion piece...

Topps American League All-Stars

I can't believe August is already over! I guess time flies when you're collecting Tigers.

Keep it Hot on the Corner, pat

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