Friday, August 23, 2013

'13 Update: My Wish List

Let's set the pace here on the Hot Corner, as no one has yet to tackle this topic!

Since I made a HUGE Tigers team set purchase and obliterated my card spending budget until 1/1/2014, I am just going to look forward to seeing these wonderful cards (maybe in a charity PWE?) and hope Topps includes the freshest faces to the Detroit Tigers or those left out of Series 1 or 2.

"Jose Iglesias" --- They didn't give him jersey No. 1 for no reason, the kid can play defense. Jhonny who?

"Brayan Pena" --- great team player, loves to play, sprints on home runs, filling in for Avila just great!

"Matt Tuiasosopo" --- All he does is hit Home Runs, solid platoon fielder, awesome!

Jose Veras  --- not many cards exist of Veras, why not?

Bruce Rodon -- fireballer, with over 200 fastballs thrown to date, averaging 99.9 MPH, slick

Jeremy Bonderman -- returns to the Tigers to help down the stretch, great story, hopefully a great finish

Don Kelly  --- always underestimated, traditionally comes through with a way to help the team win.

Just a few hopes for the upcoming set, as most others will be looking for Puig

The players marked with "quotation marks" are cards I do not own and would gladly accept them in part of a trade or PWE.

Keep it Hot on the Corner, pat.

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