Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Cashed Out

So I went on vacation for a ten day stretch to Northern Michigan....not a rough life.

At some point the lack of routine and all my cards being away from my fingertips starts to drive me crazy!

Plenty to write about Pudge later.

When that breaking point is reached, I race down the state highway to the Not So Local Card Shop.  I like it quite a bit (or I am so desperate don't mind certain things).

I don't know what it is, but I am digging all cards navy blue...
1993 Score Select Traded Team Set

I had already brought a 1600 shoe box of all the unsorted Tigers in my collection to sort out; chopped up an empty case of Diet Dr Pepper and made dividers, so I had a better idea of what I was or was not in need of.

Breaking Point 1 came on a Wednesday ---- Headed to NSLCS and I spotted Tigers binders and took a peek.  These binders were loaded with just Tigers and were in sorted by year and then alphabetically by brand. (Not intended to insult your intelligence) Bowman, Fleer, Score, Topps, Upper Deck, you get the idea.  So I asked the owner to quote me per binder.  Most of these jokers were from the 1990s-2000s --- the era in which I walked away from baseball cards altogether.  Some even had "official" team pictures placed in to seperate the seasons (if you're in to that kind of thing...)

Justin Verlander RC
My thought process kept swirling --- instead of doing the nickel and dime show on eBay or card shows, I had the opportunity to knock it all down it one (or two) swoops.
1993 Topps - Inaugural Rockies team set

I picked one up and took it back to the vacation place and sorted through it.  Some special stuff (at least to me).
2005 Topps Total team set

Went through and cross referenced my shoe-box and my memory and weeded out the dupes

I named my pet turtle Mike at the age of 6 for my favorite reliever

After about 24 hours I had reached another Breaking Point and negotiated the card budget to not purchase any more cards until 1/1/2014 (and entering a slower time for new product) should I get the two other binders that I "had to get, and NOW!"
RIP Lima Time
All in All, I added close to 700 new cards, I was hovering around 150 team sets prior to August and I haven't updated my list, so another task to tackle before January!  Besides stacks of pages and three new binders that will allow for new ideas.

It wasn't all good....

So, I have plenty of work to with these cards, organizing and such.  I am sure with the added time I can make a serious spreadsheet of the cards I have (and then need).  All kinds of other projects will benefit too, like the Nothing But Tigers binder (Tigers in order 1 - 792), or giving the Alan Trammell page some much needed upkeep.

Don't be surprised to receive a mailer in the next few months of all the other 29 teams out there, or for me to plea to the blog-o-sphere to send me their Update Tigers & dupes until the New Year.

Things may be slower here, but will be sure to...

Keep it Hot on the Corner, pat.


  1. I see lots of Tigers I like in there (and Juan Gonzalez), and can't wait to see more!

  2. Those Spanish Pacifics are great.