Saturday, April 20, 2013

When You Leave Your Coat at an LCS...

I just took my jacket off at the ol' LCS yesterday and got comfrotable looking through some quarter boxes and some binders of Tigers.  "My Dealer" handed me eight 1954 Topps and enticed me to purchase.

I couldn't do it, wasn't ready to start piecin' together older team sets when there was so much more recently to acquire.   So, I did buy three of them and got some really nice cards including this one...

About half way home, I realized I had left my coat at the shop, and it was quickly turning from nice spring Michigan weather to nice winter weather in April.  So I made the trip back to the LCS this morning to claim my coat and "My Dealer" put the remaining five in my hand.  

ME: God these are nice!
Dealer: There's only 19 in the team set, you'd only need 11 more!
ME: Man, oh, man.

So when you leave your coat at the card shop...

You can wind up getting cards older than your dad....

Quality won over quantity.  Eight more make 5,404

Keep it Hot on the Corner, Pat.

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