Sunday, April 28, 2013

Hit Singles and Big Hitters

The second card show of the year fell over this weekend.  I had a plan, I had a list, I was going to make progress and get as many single (hits) to complete team sets and not get caught up in high priced (big hitters) autos, patches, mems, etc.

I left the list at home.

Bewildered, lost without my map.  I did my very best to complete some team sets while also being sucked in to purchase far more autos than I had thought.

Trammell of the Week: The weekend began by a quick trip to the Up North card shop and this beauty of the oversized variety.  I was without any type of top loaders or pages for this guy, I have no idea how I kept it mint the whole rest of the trip.

I happened to pick up six more autos for the collection.  The sliding new goal was to get 1% of the collection to be autos.  The chase for 56?

Nabbed a box of 1991 Pro Set Desert Storm that I had collected as a kid and looking forward to putting that set together.

Heading over to the card show I was pretty psyched!  Rick Leach was there signing autos, so that fueled the days purchases.  I was still planning on the singles to complete team sets.

After the initial walk around the room to see what everyone had to offer.  I got in a daze.  Mostly everything was of all the big hitters.  One dealer had team sets, but they were as common as a Brandon Inge strikeout.

This may be reserved for another post about the state of the hobby, but people can lose a chunk of change quick on these things.  I mean, one guy drove all the way to this show, he said six hours, with a handful of boxes and a display case of high end autos (Harper $300, Gehrig/Ruth patches) Who walks into a show seeking that kind of stuff or willing to drop that much right then and there?  Maybe I am just too naive.

Regardless, I did make a good day of it picking out some of my favorite Tigers and some good finds   Some I found for .50 cents and then in another dealer's bin for much higher.

This Rick Porcello is numbered 48/99 and the nice deal is Ricky is actually number 48

This Chet Lemon Fan Favorite Auto states that "Chet was a key cog in many outstanding Tigers teams from 1982-1990. A brilliant center fielder, he made the All-Star team for them in 1984."  I am a sucker for 1984 style Topps and as you all know, Tigers.

God I hope we keep this guy, I am sucker for rookies, Tigers prospects, maybe a shift to the outfield will get him to motown instead of the way of Miller, Maybin, and Turner.  Gold refractor #/199

Another six more autos, and I did find a dealer with pages of Tigers singles that I needed (more later on those)

I quite satisfied with my auto splurge, but I am definatly not going to make this a trend in my collecting as I am sure it will lead to burnout, boredom, or both.

Keep it Hot on the Corner, pat.


  1. I agree with Dhoff, the Lemon sig is one of the cleanest I've seen on the blogs in quite sometime.

    Nice pickup!!