Monday, April 8, 2013

The Drive for 6,000

Before I left for Spring Break I was closing in on 4,500 cards in the Tigers PC.  Plenty of optimism was in the air, Opening Day was around the corner, the Tigers have a solid squad, and ideal bay purchase would make a huge assist, and some fellow bloggers made some big swaps to near closer.

One purchase this past week was part sentimental and part had to have.

I just had to have this retired patch of Sparky.  An icon for the Tigers and the city of Detroit.  Very pleased with this add.

Doug from BaseballCardsandLife and I have hit it off trading some Tigers and swapping LCS hot spots in greater Michigan.  He's helped me out immensely, specifically finishing off some team sets with that last piece to the puzzle.  Like this 1988 Topps UK Mini of Kirk Gibson and a 1991 Topps Archives 1953 Ralph Branca.  Thanks Doug!  I will get your box back to you with stuff from later in the post.

My Dodgers buddy gcrl also snuck a mailer in today to add to the 6.000 count march, wow, some great Tigers!!!  

I was a big Clete fan,  but he just couldn't hold down the outfield job.

Mr Almost Perfect relic, one of my favorite (or infamous) memories with my wife

A clutch UD team card of Justin Thompson, the first famous Justin in Detroit!

Dennis from Too Many Verlanders and I traded our dupes from another trade via  I know I am way behind not only with his return (among others) but I mentioned a haul of Tigers off the bay and it's going to take me some time and you will see why, but both Dennis and Doug will get their fair share of over 1,000 Motown Kitties. 

And I only got one Bip Roberts,

So I may be taking some time away from the blog world, but I will be ready when I get back from sorting.

Keep it Hot on the Corner, pat.

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