Sunday, April 21, 2013

5,527 Tigers on the Wall

What started as this....

Has now become....

All that remains are stamps for PWEs, a slide rule given to me by "My Dealer" because I am a teacher and "may know someone who would like it".  And to the right, a few more piles to be sorted, and a 3,000 count box of dupes.

This was a large undertaking following spring break, plenty of blame all around, but thanks to all who have helped me get closer to 6,000.  Plenty in store this week as there is a card show UP NORTH featuring the one and only Rick Leach for a signing too.

What else is there to do but share some of the highlights of the recently acquired thousand.

Love this card and a low number out /499

WOW!  I had to get this one, SUPER SLICK!

The best pitcher on my fantasy team (I am in last)

I don't know how many times I wished this guy could save the Tigers in the 1990s

Hey it's my uncle Tony! No, the other Tony Clark 
(really, I have an uncle, his name is Tony Clark, not this guy)

I am going to have to get a new way of sharing some cards, like Wrigley Wax maybe with the number generator and wicked spreadsheet.

Tigers on their way back from the left coast and hopefully they can figure out the way to score runners with the bases loaded.

Keep it Hot on the Corner, pat.


  1. Cool, where's the show gonna be? I met Leach not long ago and he was great! Really nice guy, and tell him I said "GO BLUE!"

  2. I wanted to let you know I put up a new post today on my 1979 Topps blog. I usually try to link a blog to the team on the card. The Tigers were up today and the love came your way. Here's a link:

    I hope you enjoy it!