Monday, August 11, 2014

Take My Team Lots

It's taken me some time to post this, as the Hot Corner has never hosted a group break type deal.  But I have reached a lull in my collecting as I grabbed three packs at Target today in the hopes of pulling some Tigers and was left less than whelmed.

The Hot Corner also reached a tipping point in terms of Tigers to acquire as I have all Topps from 1976 to present and all Topps Traded/Update.  Obviously there are other fish in the sea, but I am getting to a point where I don't want to buy a blaster for the chance at a Tigers insert, paralel, etc.  I would rather spend the dollars on something more worthwhile.

Stealing a Page from Jedi Jeff

So, tell us what you're thinking...
This past spring I bought three 1,500 count boxes at my LCS entitled "Big Box of Baseball Cards".  I wanted to boost my trade bait and player collections of non-Tigers.  Now I have no room in my trade away box.

Here you get a look at the stacks and my new card sorting table
AL Central Teams
NL Central
...and my mailbox has been very quiet this summer.

Finally, I decided against going to Cleveland for the National, the Hot Corner household could not function properly without me.  What can I say, I am in high demand.  Better to be wanted?

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Fine, here it is....I have sifted through the boxes ------- Hot Corner Cards is pleased to announce the Inaugural Epic Group Break, let's make this EPIC!  You're getting it all, whatever I got parallels, insets, oddball, you get the idea.

AL West

NL West
Option 1

I send you all the cards of your favorite team,  You send me all the Detroit Tigers you have (primarily anything off my want list, parallels, inserts, odd ball, etc.)  Dupes are always good too.  Can you ever have too many Tigers?

I am sending anywhere from 2-4 team bags your way. Send what you think is fair.
NL East w/ Expos
Option 2

You send me $5 via Paypal bp_weber5 AT hotmail DOT com,  I send you your team lot. I am looking to make room in my sorting box, not money.  Money is accepted though.

AL East

Available Team lots --- as of 8/11/14 8:41 PM
  1. Angels - Angels In Order
  2. Astros - Bru of Remember the Astrodome (sent July)
  3. Athletics
  4. Braves ---- Johnny's Trading Spot
  5. Brewers ------ Tony L from Off Hiatus
  6. Blue Jays  --- Al Kawamoto
  7. Cardinals --- Superduperman
  8. Cubs 
  9. Diamondbacks
  10. Dodgers  --- Night Owl
  11. Expos
  12. Giants
  13. Indians - Dave at Tribecards
  14. Nationals - Capt Kirk
  15. Mariners
  16. Marlins
  17. Mets --- Kaz of This Way to the Clubhouse (sent 8/14)
  18. Orioles --- Ryan of O! No! (sent 8/14)
  19. Padres -  Gavin of Baseball Card Breakdown (mailed 8/18)
  20. Phillies
  21. Pirates ---- Matt at Bob Walk the Plank
  22. Rangers  --- Play at the Plate
  23. Rays
  24. Red Sox ------ AdamE (sent 8/14)
  25. Reds 
  26. Rockies - Scott O 
  27. Royals ---- Jupiterhill (sent 8/14)
  28. Tigers ------ Wrigley Wax
  29. Twins --- Play at the Plate
  30. White Sox ---- Jedi Jeff of 2x3 Heroes
  31. Yankees ------- Bo at Baseball Cards Come to Life
  32. Football
  33. Goodwin Champions - defgav

Here's the Official Disclaimer, fine print, etc.
  1. Leave a comment claiming your team 
  2. If necessary, send your mailing address to bp_weber5 AT hotmail DOT com, I will then do the same
  3. Gather up all your Tigers & mail them or send payment
  4. I will send once I get your trade package or payment
  5. Wait by the mail box
So, I am done, for now, with the retail indulgence, fill the need and send me your Tigers.

Keep it Hot on the Corner, Pat


  1. I have a bunch of Tigers for you from my 5000 count boxes. I'll swap them for the Rangers and Twins.

  2. I'll take Option 1 with the Cardinals

  3. I just sent some Tigers to somebody but I believe I have a few left. I'll take the Dodgers and thank you.

  4. I am interested in the Royals cards if they haven't been claimed. I don't really have any cards to give you right now so I will go with option two. However, I would like your address so I can send you some Tigers when I sort them. I will email you my info tomorrow.

  5. Love that table! I've been toying with the idea of doing something similar for the past few years, but I'm about as handy as a flat tire.

    Anyhow, yay Mets!!!

  6. I'll take the all the Orioles you have. I'll be sending you $5 via Paypal since I've already sent you just about all of my Tigers!

  7. Can I claim the Red Sox? I don't think I have a many Tigers so I'll be sending all my Tigers and $5.

  8. I want to get in on this and dump my trade stack of Tigers on you, but I'm not sure which team to ask for. I usually go Padres, but I've kinda OD'd on Pads lately. Maybe I'd go with the mishmash grab bag (Goodwin Champions n' all). Do you still have the Fred McGriff auto listed on your trade bait page? What about the Tim Salmon? I might be able to dig up something to offer for those too.

    1. The Goodwin bag is yours, will throw the Pads in too....the Salmon is also available....

  9. I would love to get the Pirates. I should have plenty of Tigers to send you. My address should be in your email.

  10. I would claim the Yankees! Would happily send you Tigers. Bo

  11. I'd like the Nationals. I'm not sure which option to take yet I need to check if I have enough Tigers to send.

  12. I'll take the Rockies with Option 1. Hopefully I have something that you need.

    1. Scott O claimed them via email earlier today, sorry.

  13. I'll take the Tigers cards. No, I haven't gone over to the dark side...I give the kids at my school cards when they bring a birthday treat to my office. They're mostly Tiger fans, so I need a good supply. I'll send five bucks via PayPal gift.

  14. Wow, no one's taken the Brewers? Well, I'll take them. I will probably be sending you a bunch of Tigers that you won't need, so feel free to pass along any duplicates to Wrigley Wax as well.