Friday, June 27, 2014

A Plea

We interrupt this baseball card blogging to poll the audience.

If you read this blog --- I assume people do. You may recall a couple of weeks ago that I have began working on a card table for storage, sorting, etc.

Check out this post to remind yourself.

Okay, so I put three batches of epoxy down (mostly all at the same time) and have a few sticky spots.

I went to Mr. Home Depot for some advice, they advised to wait it out.  I have waited almost three weeks.

So, consulting the World Wide Web, by all accounts, it appears this side effect is due to poor mixing.

The fact of the matter is I need a solution.

Friends with experience have offered these:

  • set it out in the sun and see if it dries
  • seal it with polyurethane coat(s)
  • sand it down
  • set it on fire
 I would appreciate any and all help.

Please return to your regularly scheduled programming,

Keep it Hot on the Corner, Pat


  1. I have no idea. I would go with setting it in the sun...but after 3 weeks, that may not make a difference.
    So I might scrape off as much as I can, then sand and glue again.

  2. Is there an Accelerator available to speed up the drying time?

  3. Before you trash it, I'd suggest using poly. I was a house painter for 10 years, but I rarely used epoxy. I don't think you'll have any crazy reactions, though. I probably would've went with poly for the surface from the start. A bunch of coats. And, hey, cool project.

  4. i think Dhoff is on the right track.Maybe call a hardwood flooring store and tell them about this.