Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Price for a Prince

For a guy who was the poster boy for Topps at season end, has now found a new home in the other big D.

I have to admit I wasn't shocked that Prince was shipped out of town.  The critics --- under-performance, deteriorating skill, and possibly a clubhouse cancer(?), ugly contract, belly flop on over run of third base.

The pros --- ummm.

In the end, Prince's subtraction was of the same necessity of his addition.   VMart blows his knee out in early 2012, Fielder remains on free agent market, the Tigers (desperate for a hitter) pay the price.  Fast forward to the end of 2013, Prince under performs, and he is expendable.  

Prince's 2012 Archives card is the reason I fell back into this crazy hobby, thank you, sir.

Now to Kinsler, what is the true value of a 2B outside of Pedroia & Cano?  Solid, but again, aging, big ugly contract, it will definitely give the 2014 Tigers a whole new look.  Possibly a leadoff option (declining speed & power?).  

Keep it Hot on the Corner, Pat.

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  1. Kinda weird, I thought that both Kinsler and Fielder would be on their old teams for quite a while, especially Kins. Gonna be weird seeing Fielder as a Ranger.

    Saw a post on twitter (I guess they're called tweets, but it still sounds weird to me) that said that a guy named Fielder who can't field would now become a Ranger with no range. Everybody's a comedian.