Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Off The Mark: Brien Taylor

In the midst of sorting through those "Big Box of Baseball Cards" from my LCS, I came across this card.

"Hey, Cool! I remember Brien Taylor, next big thing, number 1 draft pick in 1991....bust"

Basically was the best prospect in baseball, got in a fight in North Carolina, jacked up his shoulder, out of baseball by 1995.  Just imagine Andy Pettite as the second best lefty in the Yankee Dynasty years.  Maybe that is a tad aggressive, but worth a "What If?"

At least worth a trip to my childhood boxes to see what I had, if any.  Two more.

So, speaking of aggressive, I decided I was going to "off the mark" and acquire all of the Brien Taylor cards I could.  Only 75 in total, that I could find listed  on TradingCardDB.com

Quick, who had the best career here: Lindros, Maryland, Johnson or Taylor?

Here is just a sampling.  More on their way!

I did buy a 100 card lot with dupes, if you are interested in some of these.

Hot Corner, Pat


  1. Taylor is exactly one day older than me. I hate it for him that he couldn't keep his head when out drinking...those "what might have been" guys are always the most difficult to analyze.

  2. and former Spartan Tim Crabtree. plus Arocha was the Cuban Defector who began it all (even though former Tiger Barbaro Garbey was official 1st Cuban defector 13 years or so earlier