Saturday, November 1, 2014


A more recent trip to the LCS garnered someone else's collection.

The haul consisted of a binder of team pages of completely random junk wax, a binder of an almost complete set of 1992 score and a weird metal box with 1991 score and all kinds of major 1990 stars and HOF players all for eight bucks

Lots of the 1987 Hygrade - meaning duplicates, inquire within if you want any!

Sometimes with all the Tigers focus it is relaxing to acquire and appreciate the great players of the game.

Most of this stuff will make it's way through PWE and any "junk" will go to Jedi Jeff

Hot Corner, Pat


  1. So I'm junk, huh?? Well - might as well accept my fate.

    Also, I'll take any of the dupe dupes of the Hygrade. Share the rest with other people's collections.

  2. When I say junk I mwan White Sox, same same