Sunday, October 5, 2014

The Bright Side

I never win anything.  Nothing, seriously.  Did you happen to see the Tigers previous four postseason's?  I am used to disappointment since I was 4....

I picked this up at my LCS Saturday, it has nothing to do with the post.

Let's recap:

1984 - World Series Champions
1987 - lose to Minnesota in ALCS, Alan Stuart Trammell #2 in MVP Voting
1994 - MLB Strike
1996 - Alan Stuart Trammell retires, 14 years of HOF ballot hell
2003 - worst record in American League history (Alan Stuart Trammell as manager)
2006 - lost to St. Louis in World Series
2008 - supposed to score 1,000 runs, miss playoffs
2009 - lost Game 163 to Minnesota
2011 - lost to Texas in ALCS
2012 - lost to Giants in World Series
2013 - lost to Boston in ALCS
2014 - swept by the O's in ALDS

So, I came home from a rather unusually awful day at work, hopped on twitter, hit the ole' RT and went about the rest of my Wednesday

Then my phone blew up.

WOW!  I wasn't expecting that at all!

Should be here this week and will share the contents soon!

Have an awesome week, Pat


  1. Yahoooooo!!!! Cool to see somebody really wins those, and cool it was you.

  2. Very cool! Interested in seeing what you pull!

  3. Congrats on the free cards, and condolences on the Tigers loss. As a Padres fan, it hurts me to say it, but at least you got '84.

  4. Sharing in the heartbreak... Hope you pull some manic cards!