Saturday, October 11, 2014

Stadium Club Tigers

I am walking around in a state of loss.  I was not shocked at all the Tigers were swept by the Orioles.
What I am shocked at is all these Tigers fans feeling like entitled Yankees or Red Sox fans that since we didn't win the World Series the season is at a loss....Do you remember the period of 1988-2005?

Lots of bright spots for 2015 --- Cabby, Castellanos, Price,

Sure there are some changes, even major ones...Goodbye Scherzer, Goodbye Hunter, Goodbye Joba, Goodbye V-Mart,
I think he'll be back
The only recycled image I can tell so far, and this VMart actually looks sweet in Bowman Chrome with the Labatt Blue all shiny and everything, if you're into that kind of thing...

Yankees, Red Sox, Cubs, White Sox or Cardinals????

Too many young kids on the farm, he gone.
I sure wanted Ron Gardenhire last season...and there has been talk around the twitter-verse that had both the Tigers and Gardenhire has known that Leyland wasn't coming back they both would have done the deal.
Figure this one out?

Anyway, I have been just plucking team sets of eBay and SportLots and here is a slick set.

Hot Corner, Pat


  1. Nice looking cards. Overall much better than flagship.

  2. Agreed. They really nailed the feel of Stadium Club.