Saturday, September 27, 2014

Getting it right...

A couple weeks ago the Royals were in town for a serious divisional series, which at the time looked like the Motown Kitties would walk away with it.

So with my distracted mind, I can sometimes have the TV on and then the radio on in the basement or garage to ensure not missing one thing.

The radio guys are introducing the new reliever Louis Coleman, and has been kind of a disappointment for the Royals as he has been back and forth from Kansas City and Omaha over the course of the last two seasons.

Head back up stairs and the TV guys make mention that the Royals reliever is actually Casey Coleman, a third generation ball player with his father playing for the Tigers.  Pretty cool, didn't know that.

Casey Coleman then gives up a boatload of runs and the TV guys say that Louis is warming up in the bullpen.  

Moving back downstairs to the radio, as Casey is exiting the radio guys finally realize that they have been devoting most of this frame to the wrong Coleman and leads to commercial break.

Back from commercial, the radio guys, instead of giving any detail on the Coleman connection or the gaffe, they just go back over everything already stated about Louis Coleman, rather than Casey.

Not the first time that our radio guys goof, Dave Dickerson is as good a play by play commentator there is, however, Jimmy Price gives us color commentating insight as "Wow", "Are you kiddin' me?", "Arsenal"

Keep it Hot on the Corner, Pat

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  1. Oh man I cant believe you just said "Arsenal". I have banned that word from my vocabulary. Price probably says that about 50 times a game, and the "Art of pitching" about 25 times.