Thursday, January 30, 2014

In the Future...

Just read an article that Portland, OREGON is ready for a MLB team with facilities, land, ballpark, etc.

It's been almost 20 years since the Diamondbacks and Rays joined MLB, will there be another expansion?

Two more teams could feature two leagues of 16 teams, abandon divisional play, return to some hybrid of modern and past playoff format.  Take the top six teams in each league with some one game playoffs may be even better post season action.

Where would the new cities be located?  

The down side would be terrible baseball being played by the new teams among the current cellar dwellars.  Waffling in miserable season after miserable season.  Houston & Miami can be the modern example, the Rays for the first 15 years of existence, and the Chicago Cubs for posterity.  Just plain bad baseball is not needed for the marathon of the season.

New teams would be exciting, with minor stars getting opportunities to play everyday, who knows?

In the end, I am not really sure this would be best, in the future.

Keep it Hot on the Corner, Pat.

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