Friday, January 3, 2014

If I had a vote

The official Hot Corner Ballot

My late father in law voted for the Hall and based most of his selections on the very question "Was the player the most dominant player for a majority of their career in their era?"  He looked at MVP/CY voting, All Star games, and of course the numbers.

1. Alan Trammell

*Homer alert* may only be worthy of the Hall of Very Good, but there is much to be said for Trammell's career, 1984 World Series MVP, All-Star,

But with Jeter looming and Ripken and Larkin just voted in where does Trammell fit in of the all-time shortstops?

2. Jack Morris

Last year as ballot eligible, winning is winning ---- most wins in 1980s & 1990s, ace of three World Title teams, Game 7 Complete Game for the Twins, 1984 No - Hitter, what else does he need to prove?

3. Craig Biggio

One of my favorite non-Tigers, I loved him breaking in as a catcher and following his career.  I believe that I smuggled a small binder in to my desk in 3rd grade (1991) class to organize and memorize his cards.

4. Greg Maddux

Simply the best of my generation, my opinion, nothing looked sweeter than Maddux on the mound.  When the Tigers fell into misery the Braves were my favorite team .

5. Tom Glavine

Another slick pitcher, all kinds of greatness.

6. Mark McGwire

I simply do not care --- He was the best.

7. Barry Bonds

I simply do not care --- He was the best.

8. Frank Thomas

Why not? He did everything the other two did, without the drama.  BUT How many power hitting 1st baseman should get the immortal honor?  Big Mac, Big Hurt, Crime Dog, Bagwell Who was the best?

9. Curt Schilling

I was a big Schilling fan when he was with the Phillies and followed him ever since.

10. Mariano Rivera --- Waive the 5 year waiting period or wait for Jeter, Pettite, Posada, and Mo to go in together.

Who is next --- Ken Griffey Jr, Randy Johnson, Chipper Jones, 

Keep it hot on the corner, pat,

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  1. Simple - Thomas goes in and McGuire does not. I remembered years ago that Frank did something only 4 other HOF players ever did (at that point) - have three consecutive years with a BA over 300, more that 20 HRs and over 100 in RBI, runs scored and walks. That was 1993. At the time, the only other players that had three years like that were Ruth, Gehrig, Foxx and Williams. All total, Frank did that feat 7 years in a row. Only Gehrig is close and he did it just 4 times in a row (twice). Bagwell and Bonds each have a run of three years, but let's be honest - Bonds three years are tainted. Also, Barry played LF at the time he had his 3 year run. Frank was still at first base all 7 years.