Sunday, October 20, 2013

It's All Over...

My sister in law always says at some point during a Detroit Lions game "We know how it's going to end..."

And I kept having this awful, pit in the stomach, anxiety ridden, feeling once Game 5 in Detroit ended.

We have to win, we have to win two in Boston.  And that's a phrase that I normally used kicked in.

"It's All Over but the crying...."

And now that today is the worst day for all fans experience sooner or later, the fact their beloved baseball team's season is over.

Here are some more folks that it is over for...

My guess is first out the door will be Jhonny.  He won't be the scapegoat, 'cause he hit well in the playoffs. We got an upgrade in the form of Iglesias and yes, he used PEDs...

....but before folks start banging the drum on the Tigers for selling out (after the joker served his suspension) I seem to remember another big slamming, PAPI, apolgizing for his connection with PEDs.  

Another one, Omar Infante, hit well all year.  Would complement Iglesias, but there will be more money out there for him than in Detroit.  He wants to be back, he is tight with Cabrera, Martinez, among others.

Next out, I believe Joaquin is a free agent, who knows where he will go.  We may sign him back, but we have young arms and he may want more money somewhere else.

I am not one to fault Jimmy Smokes for the collapse that was the Boston series.  If Tigers fans may remember prior to his first season in 2006 (which they made the World Series) the Tigers had endured several years of futility including the AL record for most losses of 118 in a season ---- which even the Quad A Astros this season couldn't eclipse.  

The reason why Jim Leyland was voted by the players as the best manager in baseball, is because, he is.

Although, I think it's over for Leyland, there won't be too much cryin'.

Pena and Santiago are also Free Agents.

And then there is a slew of decisions as Cabrera, Scherzer, Fister, Jackson, Porcello, all are eligible in 2015.

Keep it Hot on the Corner, pat.

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