Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A Tribute of 9

The Lost Post....this post (#199) was to run on 10/24/13 here it is in it's entirety 

I have been trying to be creative in my collecting and have been binder-ing it up and finding ways to keep some good cards, but still not accumulate too many outside of my Tigers collection.

You may recall that I purchased three huge binders of Tigers years 1992-2010, and they have since been placed in top loaders & penny sleeves and organized accordingly in their respective boxes.  What to do with all those pages?

So for now, I have been grabbing singles of players that I like (Beltran) or maybe had an MVP year (Morneau), or are just damn good players and can't possibly part with (Rivera, YMolina, Pedroia) and stashing at least 9 cards in pages in one of my binders.

It's simple, no overgrowth of page upon page of commons.  Sweet, to the point, concise, you get it.

Let's face it only a select few of these guys will make the Hall of Fame and to me it keeps the memories of summer alive by going through some cards and thinking back to great baseball players and  moments.

I am not really crazy about Votto or really any player from the NL, but the least I can do is have 9 of their best cards.

I am sure some get more pages than others once I keep this going.  For some reason I have a large amount of Rickey Henderson.

By doing this, I think it keeps me collecting.  The Tigers were so lousy for half of my life that I lost interest in collecting.  Now that I have rediscovered the hobby and have a passion for baseball again it will keep me longer to appreciate other great ballplayers AND their cards.
'Cause you never know who is going to be the next favorite!

Keep it Hot on the Corner, pat.

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