Saturday, October 26, 2013

200 - Update Hits & Misses

200 Posts? Wow, let's make it count!

Speaking of making it count, I was looking forward to the release of '13 Update very much.  Plenty of change in Detroit with a couple of trades, some key role players, and rookies looked like a solid team set headed this way.

I am not too bummed about this year's set.  I am not sure that 5 Yasiel Puig's is necessary, there were some other inclusions & omissions: did Roy Oswalt need a card with Colorado? The Matt Garza Texas shot looks pretty close to the base Cubs throwback. Really, Michael Pineda plays baseball? Cespedes gets an All-Star card and HR Derby card, when he wasn't an All-Star, huh?

I had wished for Rondon, who looks to be the heir apparent to Benoit or the musical chair leader for next season's closer.  This is my favorite of the lot, however, you can see how much strain he's putting on that arm and we surely needed him in the ALCS and Bruce was home with a sore elbow.  Another Zumaya?

The spectacular Jose Iglesias was no surprise to be included and I can say I have always envied the teams with superior shortstops (Vizquel, Jeter, you know) and now we have one of our own!  The best is yet to come!

My second choice was to include Bryan Pena and sure enough he got a card in the set (first time since 2011 Update) Did his job perfectly this season --- filling in for Avila, coming off the bench and getting a hit when needed, and passes Fielder with 1 RBI in the post-season.

Another solid role player I had hoped would make the final cut, his first card since 2010 Update.  Tui will be with another team I suppose, unless we dump Dirks.  

I was doing pretty good with my first four hopefuls, I guess this counts, but not the right team.  Veras will be the goat for giving up the granny to Victorino, but he had owned him all season.  Bummer dude.

I had hoped for a Bonderman reunion card, but these two round out the staff.  Too much Alburqueque meant Rondon was hurtin'.  Luke holds a special place in the Hot Corner Home as the namesake for the youngest. I did pull a nice #d/25 light blue parallel of A2 to boot.


Don't get me wrong, Valverde was clutch in 2011, perfect.  However, the 2013 version needs not be revisited.  These extras are headed to 2x3 for long term storage.

Can you guess who is missing from the All-Star Six?
Jhonny Peralta

This post is now, OUTTA HERE!

Keep it Hot on the Corner, pat.


  1. 13 Tigers cards? Wow, Padres only got 5. That Tuiasosopo is a great shot, my fave of the bunch

  2. sweet. Iglesias as a Tiger..bought a few packs. havent pulled it yet. I have a red Target parallel of Rondon available for you.