Monday, June 24, 2013

6,222 Tigers on Return from Wrigley Field

A belated birthday gift from my wife landed me at Wrigley Field Friday afternoon to take in a 3 hour rain delay and a solid outing by Matt Garza.

A cool story to share --- while waiting it out in the walkway up to our seats we noticed a couple Astros coaches coming out of the what I would assume be the visiting clubhouse to take a peak at the rain.  Sure enough, Astros pitching coach Doug Brocail walks out (former Tiger) and starts talking to fans and taking pictures, while I am kicking myself for not searching for a mid-1990s Tigers Brocail to get his auto, I never thought I would have had the chance.  It was also neat to see Eduardo Perez step out and sneak some french fries from the fans.

Upon return from the Windy City, some parcels arrived to boost the ol' PC.  Let's take a look.

A quick pickup from the bay netted these 1962 beauties, (there was another that got away, more later) I have always enjoyed the wood border of '62 and, say what you will '87.

I also acquired this rare (as the listing said right?) 1974 TCMA 1934-35 Detroit Tigers Champions

I really need to hook up the scanner as there is some Schoolboy Rowe, Hank Greenberg in this set, CLASSIC, very happy with this add.

Finally, I put the finishing touches on the 1974 team set with these

I believe the final card for Al Kaline and the first for John Knox (which I am sure is more valuable with Frank White on the card!) 

All in all more quality here than the quantity, which is just fine!

Looking forward to the return trip to Chicago at the end of July for the National!!

Keep it Hot on the Corner, pat.

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