Monday, June 17, 2013

6,208 Tigers on the Wall

Summer (for me, at least) is here!

I know the posts have been lagging behind, but there are things to be done and tasks to be tackled.

As we speak the Hot Corner family is getting ready to head to the big city of Chicago to welcome the newest addition to the extended family.  Mrs. Hot Corner scored us some tickets to the Cubs/Astros game this coming Friday and we'll soak in some big city life.

After a whirlwind Bowman, Archives, Heritage buys --- I am getting back to the basics this summer and first going to complete as many Topps team sets as possible, mostly just need to fill in some holes (go to my wantlist page and help a blogger out!)

1974 (sans two rookie multi-cards is checked off the list this week.  Plenty of great legendary Tigers here with Kaline, Horton, Mickey Stanley, Norm Cash, Mickey Lolich and others in this set.  
These three wandered their way in somehow...

That makes a total of 11 for 1954, with the big prize in a Kaline rookie, that one will have to wait, maybe at the National this year!

Finally, to wrap up Archives ( I think, still need some AUTOS) Prince's basketball card made it's way to the corner.

See ya sometime this weekend.

Keep it Hot on the Corner, pat.

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