Thursday, May 21, 2015

Where Bowman '15 Whiffed

I am not one to chime in on the current state of the hobby, maybe here and there with the seemingly constant re-tread of photos among the product.  Yes, Short Prints, Variations, parallels are troubling, but, it is, what it is.

But this may be one glaring injustice from Bowman, see below the Tigers team set for 2015 Bowman

Six cards, all fine ball players, with some rookies.  Anyone notice an omission?  Maybe two?

Still thinking?

Would ANY card producer leave out Jeter?  Trout?  Harper?  Sal Fasano?

I think not.

There is no Miguel Cabrera! 

You know the guy with two MVP trophies.  The guy who won the Triple Crown for the first time since Yaz.  The Best there is, Best there was, the best there ever will be (maybe a tad aggressive_ but seriously? Bowman whiffed on a really major player.

Another one, Verlander, yeah he had a bad year in 2014 and still no sign of 2015, but the card companies still have Cliff Lee in this year's Bowman edition.  I get that Bowman base is a smaller sized set, but give me a break.

It's not like the team itself is horrible either, the demand is there.

Think of the out cry from the cardboard community with any of the aforementioned "national" players not included --- like a day without sunshine, riots in the streets, boycotts, the end of modern civilization as we know it, for sure.  

I don't understand.

Hot Corner, Pat


  1. Don't worry! Bowman is split into 2 series this year. I'm sure those guys will be in Series II.

  2. defgav is right. They might be saving some of the stars for Series 2, since they decided to split the product for 2015.

  3. Yeah thought it was weird no Freeman in the Braves set either but like these guys are saying i'm sure they'll show up in Series 2