Saturday, April 5, 2014

Teddy's Ball Game

Today will be spent on tradition.   I will head toward Flint to participate in the 29th Annual Flint Rotisserie League Baseball Draft, possibly the oldest in the state of Michigan.   It's a great league. highly competitive, and loads of fun.  The draft will be intense as these jokers know what they are doing.  A 5x5 (Homers, RBI, SB, AVG ---- W, K, SOLDS, WHIP, ERA)

I have a new strategy this season, which ended up me dumping most of my roster,  I will have the most money, but also need the most players.

Teddy's Ball Game is the my team, named for my eldest.

I kept one slugger...

Chris Sale is the ACE

Banking on Ivan Nova having a solid season

Joakim Soria for 2 bucks and Nate Jones for 3 round out the keepers.

Hopefully I will have a squad to brag about in the coming hours.....

Keep it  Hot on the Corner, Pat

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  1. For a Tiggers fan you sure do draft a lot of ChiSox. :)