Friday, July 19, 2013

Comeback Common

We all have that card that somehow, time and again, winds up in your sort pile.  It doesn't really have a home, it doesn't really fit into anything you collect, you don't even know why it keeps showing up.

But it keeps coming back like Sam I Am selling Green Eggs and Ham (sorry I have a three year old)

This is the short tale of Bill Laxton....

This may be the most play William Henry Laxton gets on  a sports card blog, EVER, but seriously I don't know why I have this card.  I don't know why he has been in most of my "common" boxes, most of my "sort to trade" boxes, and finally...the recycle pile.

Why do you keep showing up?  You're in a Tidewater Tides jersey!

I do not collect you, your team, or anything else!  I do not have room for you anywhere, why do you keep coming back, please just go away....

What? I should look at the back of the card?  Why?

Oh, yeah, right there, Detroit Tigers!  Wait, he was the centerpiece of the Mickey Lolich deal from the Mets, 

Wow! You do belong, you do have value, let's get you a penny sleeve and top loader and come here to stay!

The card also reads, ( I am sure you can read too!) "He should have a big role in the Tigers rotation", really?

Nope, drafted by the Mariners in the expansion draft, this is his second and last card (a sunset, Dime Box Nick?).  Looks like he got 25 games in with the Tigers, plus two saves, described as a "hard thrower". Slick!

If you have a double of this card, please send it my way, so that my PC pays proper tribute to Billy Laxton.

Keep it Hot on the Corner, pat.

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  1. Cards like this are what keeps us going, BB.

    I will check my pile of '77 cards for you.

    Nick J