Friday, May 10, 2013

Mr. Perfect

Inspired by a recent E:60 segment on the men who have thrown the Perfect game and some recent thoughts on boosting the personal collection in the spirit of Dime Box Nick I have started to dedicate three pages for such a feat.

I tried to match to moment with the year and Topps card the game was perfect unless otherwise noted.

So far....
  1. Lee Richmond 1880 (2011 TriStar Obek)
  2. Monte Ward 1880
  3. Cy Young 1904 
  4. Addie Joss 1908 (2011 Panini Cooperstown)
  5. Charlie Robertson Apr 30, 1922 (SP)
  6. Don Larsen 1956
  7. Jim Bunning 1964
  8. Sandy Koufax 1965
  9. Catfish Hunter 1968 (2013 Topps Gypsy Queen)
  10. Len Barker 1981
  11. Mike Witt 1984
  12. Tom Browning 1988
  13. Dennis Martinez 1991
  14. Kenny Rogers 1994
  15. David Wells 1998
  16. David Cone 1999
  17. Randy Johnson 2004
  18. Mark Buerhle 2009
  19. Dallas Braden 2010
  20. Roy Halladay 2010
  21. Phil Humber 2012
  22. Matt Cain 2012
  23. Felix Hernandez 2012
The cards in bold are the ones I have found (just need the Monte)

I am sure most of you are aware of another person who is considered Mr. Almost Perfect, but he will get his own page and post sometime soon!

It's been fun to break up some monotony in collecting just the Tigers and add some variety or spice of life or whatever you call it to the personal collection.

Should you wish to help me out with a trade, feel free.

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