Monday, May 13, 2013

5,766 Tigers on the Wall

WOW!  I have been slowing down a tad on the intake of Tigers into the personal collection and shifted this week, in classic ADD fashion (I tend to be distracted easily), to the Perfect Game, which by the end of the night should be in the books!

I bumped into a retired teacher this week who happens to run an antique shop in our town and mentioned he had cards.

I thought "You have cards? You have cards!"  Shuttled on down to the shop and bust through a ton of junk wax, now I know how Dime Box Nick feels hittin' up all those flea markets.

I scored these two from the Class of 1988 set, the Trammell is considerably well loved and in need of an upgrade, but #3 hit 233 cards in the personal collection this week, surely to get to 250 by June!

I saw Chris Olds (Beckett's writer, duh) commenting on how people could have lost tons of coin on investing in Matt Nokes AUTO rookies had they been available back in the day.  Oh, the glory of the lat 80s!  What about Kevin Maas?

Gehringer's hometown is just down the road, rocked these two out of the nickel box.

See.....I walked away last night during the White Sox game and am now finishing this at quarter to seven.

Keep it hot on the corner, pat.

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