Thursday, March 5, 2015

A Lot of Tigers: 1966 Topps

Look what we have here, some 1966 Topps, a glimpse into the future with 2015 Heritage on its way shortly.

Can anyone guess why I am not going to purchase ANY 2015 Topps Heritage?

My LCS dealer say 1966 is a popular design.  Really?

Eight more, 55 total

Hot Corner, Pat


  1. When you walk into your LCS, does it smell like a Phish concert?

  2. There needs to be a TV show titled "LCS dealers say the most outrageous things"

  3. I like the 66 set. Wish I had a complete one. I am a bit biased with the year 1966 as it was my birth year, but it still counts, biased or not. LOL!