Monday, February 23, 2015

How Did You Know?

Winter slows me down, we have had a few "cold" days in mid-Michigan, no school last Thursday or Friday with -20 degrees on the dial.  I also get busy from late October to March with high school wrestling, maintaining my work commitments and family time.  So, for the loyal Hot Corner community, you get left behind, sorry, not sorry.

That doesn't mean I am not active on the collecting scene, my trade buddy Kerry of Cards on Cards sent me a load of Tigers over the weekend and did he ever crush my team set needs!

For some reason this is my first 2013 Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects cards, send me your Tigers!

These two "odd-ball" cards finished the 1990 Kay Bee Topps of three and the Shining Star Gibson is awesome!

Here comes a complete team set of 1998 Fleer Tradition Update

This may be the best card of the bunch as Granderson XRC!

This SportFlick of Fruit Loops knocked off yet another team set!!!

Look at all that goodness, thanks Kerry!

Hot Corner, Pat

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