Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Number 3 for the Hall!

These four cards rounded out the end of 2014, boosting the Trammell collection past 400 in the PC.

The 2015 Hall of Fame class will be announced within the next few hours and sadly (at least to this guy) Trammell will not be included.

None of the 1984 World Champions have been fairly recognized by The Hall: Whitaker, Morris, Trammell.  There are more 1984 Padres in the Hall of Fame than '84 Tigers.  They were just very good players I suppose.  

Hot Corner, Pat


  1. Ive got some Trammell's heading your way soon

  2. Morris may be borderline, but Sweet Lou and Trammell should both be in there. I'd vote for him.

  3. Trammell and Whitaker should definitely be there.

  4. For sure! If Cal had decided to pursue something other than baseball with his life, Trammell would certainly be in there already. Really not fair.