Monday, August 25, 2014

Kaz Action (Formerly the Jedi Returns)

My man Kaz and 2x3 Hero Jeff and I have swapped several packages throughout the three summers I have been in this card blog saga.

No real rhyme or

The reason? I Sent him all those bums, Mets and any sideways card I could find but as he stated on the sticky note, here was the reason for his mailer

"Ate White Castle, needed a Tigers dump"

This is a 1999 Pacific OMEGA, never seen this, cool.

Thanks, I think....

Wow, Jeff lots of new stuff!

After 2x3 & Bo Baseball Cards to Life, I am up to 8,787 Tigers in the ole PC, 213 away from the Goal
Mark you're the man! Apologies for the confusion, I have an awful habit of putting all my cards in and then trying to remember who sent me what. 
Keep it Hot on the Corner, Pat.


  1. Umm, these are from me!! Have a cup of coffee; you are drunk on Tigers ;-)

  2. See Mark - Pat can't keep anything straight.

    This may be a mix in of a few of mine, but I really can't say. I can confirm I have a 2nd package to mail out over the next few weeks to you, though.