Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A Matter of Time

As most of you know, or can tell --- I am a huge Trammell fan.

I have sung #3's praises for HOF candidacy, held my tongue on Sheffield & Kinsler donning his number, and continued to acquire pieces of his career along the way.

So the other day, I looked at the counter, and it is only a matter of time before Miguel Cabrera passes Trammell on the All-Time player collection list.

1. Trammell 259
2. Cabrera 247
3. Verlander 4.192
C.Fielder 182

I will splurge soon on SportsLots for the few remaining cards out there, but sooner or later, My ultimate fan favorite will be surpassed by the best player of my generation.

Nothing to be sad about at all, considering both players are fortunate enough to suit up for my favorite team and considering the success the Tigers have had since 2006, forgetting the misery of 1990-2005...nothing to be sad about at all.

Just change.  And as they say, change is the only constant in life.

Keep it Hot on the Corner, Pat.


  1. Trammell is one heckuva player to collect. I loved watching him and Whitaker play together for all of those years.

  2. Nice totals. I believe if he won the 87 MVP(he should have), he would have been in HOF already. If voters read his name as "former MVP Alan Trammell" instead of "former All Star..." like Barry Larkin he would get more votes.. my view at least.
    I check some of my MSU baseball totals. I have 171 Kirk GIbsons plus 6 more in my MSU football section.